Agile Estimations Workshop

Planning poker, story points, big/uncertain/small, t-shirt sizes, burndown charts and other techniques and tools out there should make us more accurate in estimations. Right?


So let's admit it: we often fail. This is not a talk about the tools. And not another debate on time vs story points estimations. We gather to chat about the fails and lessons learned so that we get better at making predictions and reflect on how to focus on measuring success.

About this and much more we will talk at Agile Estimations workshop, facilitated by Eduard Budacu, Founder Dovelopers and Agile Coach. 

Date: 27th April from 6:30pm
Location: AdoreMe HQ, Intrarea Rigas 31Bis  

Our friends, Adore Me,  are supporting this workshop with the right setup and a bunch of goodies for all of you learners out there! Click on logo to find out more about them. Big thanks!

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