Next steps and confirmation of attendance

Welcome to OpenScrum!

We are delighted you joined us at Scrum Coaching Exchange.  My name is Cristina, I am your host and I will be your guide throughout this event. Let's go quickly through the next steps in order to validate your submission.


First thing first,  please read the Terms and Conditions that apply to this Event.  By placing a submission, registration or order for this event you are entering into a contract with DOvelopers Connect SRL within certain terms.

Payment of the fee amount, in a total of 60 lei, must be made until the due date, 3rd June 2018.
All payments should be sent to the bank account: RO48INGB0000999906365672.
Once the payment is confirmed. the attendance will be validated. At the event, you will receive the invoice and the participation agreement signed in 2 copies, for both parties involved.

If you have any disability or medical condition that requires us to make special arrangements for you or any special dietary requirements, please email us at as soon as possible.

You agree, by registering to this event, that we may include your details (name and surname, pictures, video, quotes) in any promotional materials relating to the Event or Workshop and/or any materials used at the Workshop.

By registering via any form on our website, you explicitly give your consent in using the data provided for the purposes of comunicating future or present Events or Workshops and newsletters.

If you wish your data be removed, please email us at and make an official request.